Saturday, 19 May 2018

The Near End For The S Sets

Hi all.
With the new Series 2 Waratah sets being progresively delivered with 2 sets in Sydney (B1 and B2) and one B Set at Cardiff pending delivery (B3) also B4 should be in Australia pretty soon the end is nigh for the S Set fleet.

As the B Sets enter service the remaining 48 S Sets will be scrapped.
The first S Set is expected to be scrapped in approx 2-4 months.

The photo below shows set S43 (car C3752 closest to the camera) at Seven Hills station.

More info will be published here when it becomes available.

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Series 2 Waratah set B2 now in Sydney!

Hi all!
On Friday 18th May 2018 Series 2 Waratah B Set B2 was delivered from EDi Cardiff to Auburn behind SSR diesel locomotive 44206.

The photo below shows B2 passing Cowan station on its delivery run.

The link below shows video footage of B2 passing Cowan and Auburn stations on its delivery run:

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New Series 2 Waratah Trains Now Testing

Hi all.
As most of you may know we are getting new trains known as Th Series 2 Waratah or B set.
We will be getting 24 of these trains so B1 to B24.
There is an option to get more sets with may be for fleet growth or even to wipe out the K and C set fleet, we will have to wait and see.

The first of the B sets B1 has been delivered and has started testing on the Sydney Trains network.
The photo below shows set B1 at Mulgrave station under test.

I will now paste three links to three videos:

Set B1 unloading off ship:

Set B1 delivery run:

Set B1 under test:

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Thursday, 4 January 2018

XRN Classes Have A New Livery

Hi all!
I just want to talk about something that had changed a few months ago that i was a bit slow at capturing.
The XRN Class C44aci fleet that were with Xstrata Rail National (XRN) and Glencore have been bought by Genesee & Wyoming (G&W) along with the company.
The XRN fleet are in progress of receiving the G&W Livery.

The photo below shows locomotive XRN013 with the G&W livery.

This is actually my first photo of an XRN Class in this livery as i haven’t really had the time to make my way up to the Hunter etc until the day the photo was taken (4/1/2018).

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New Trains For Sydney Coming 2018

Hi all.
Exciting news for train buffs in Sydney.
We are getting new trains!
They will be similar in appearance to our Waratah A Sets.
The new trains will be known as B Sets and there will be 24 of them.
Numbered B1 - B24.
They will be 8 car sets just like the Waratahs.
The first one is due to arrive in approx March 2018.

Sadly as the new trains arrive our S Set fleet will be progressively scrapped.
I will put 2 photo’s below.
The photo’s show stickers that are placed in every S Set carriage.

So by next summer the all trains on the Sydney Trains network will have air conditioning.

That is all for this blog.
Thank you for reading and i’ll catch you all next time.

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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

7,000 Subscribers Reached

Hi everyone!
I just wanted let you all know that Sydney Trains Vlogs has just reached 7,000 Subscribers!

Thank you all so much for helping me reach this milestone.
We are so close to hitting 10,000 which i never thought i would achieve.

Thanks again and thank you for watching Sydney Trains Vlogs :)

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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Ferry McFerryface - Sydney’s Newest Ferry

Hi all.
I’ll keep this simple.
Sydney’s newest Emerald Class Ferry has officially been named Ferry McFerryface... no joke.

What is your opinion on the name?
I’ll share my thoughts and feelings on this once i see it in person and get a few photo’s in a seperate blog post.

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