Saturday, 16 April 2016

Transperth B Series Transfer Process

Typed on: Saturday 16th August 2016

Hi all and welcome to another STV Blog.

When i upload videos of Transperth B Series sets on the back of freight trains on transfer through Sydney a few of you ask why there is a B Series set in Sydney.

Well i thought id explain it.
Well ill do my best anyway.

For those who don't know what a Transperth B Series train is.
They are the newest passenger trains that operate in Perth on the Transperth Train Network.
Here's a photo of Transperth B Series set 115 being transferred through Thornleigh just north of Sydney with one of Sydnes new trains 'Waratah' next to it.

The B Series trains are built by Downer EDi in Maryborough in QLD.
The B series is transferred from the EDi plant in Maryborough to Acacia Ridge in South East QLD where it's put on standard gauge transfer bogies and attached to a freight train from Acacia Ridge to Morandoo Yard in NSW near Newcastle.
From Morandoo it's put on the back of a steel train and transferred to Port Augusta in South Australia via the Central Coast, Sydney & Goulburn etc.
Im sure it's put onto another train for the remainder of the journey from Port Augusta to Perth.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Aviation Photography

Typed on Wednesday 6th April 2016

Hey everybody and welcome to another STV Blog.

Recently i have been doing some Aviation Photography at a spot near Kingsford Smith Airport (Sydney, YSSY).
The area is at a fence near the Old Control Tower and is great for closeups of aircraft.

Here's a few photo's from this amazing little spot.

Photo 1 Below:
Boeing 747-438ER

Photo 2 Below:
Airbus A380-800

Photo 3 Below:
Boeing 737-838

Photo 4 Below:
Air New Zealand
Boeing 767-319ER

Photo 5 Below:
Airbus A380-800

Photo 6 Below:
Singapore Airlines
Boeing 777-212ER

Photo 7 Below:
Boeing 747-400

Thats just a few of of the photo's that were taken at this spot.

Thank you all for reading another STV Blog.

Check back for more Blogs coming soon.

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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Locomotive NR8 Fire!

Typed on: Monday 4th April 2016:

Hi all and welcome to another STV Blog.

Major delays and the partial closure of the Central Coast and Newcastle line between Hamilton and Fassifern were experienced today due to a fire that broke out on Pacific National Locomotive NR8 travelling from Whyalla (South Australia) to Newcastle (New South Wales).
The fire broke out somewhere between Fassifern and Hamilton.

The damage was extensive and there is no word on whether NR8 will be scrapped or not.

The fire was caused by an engine failure.

Thats all the information i have at the moment.
If any more information comes to hand ill type an update Blog.

Thank you all for reading.

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New STV Instagram Account!

Typed on Sunday 3rd April 2016

New STV Instagram Account!

Hi all and welcome to another Sydney Trains Vlogs Blog.

I have started a new Instagram account due to a couple of issues.
I have started a new account so that these isses won't come up again.

This account will be bigger and better than ever!
The account will feature photo's of Trains, Trams, Planes, Ferries and more!

To follow the new Sydney Trains Vlogs Instagram you can find me @sydney_trains_vlogs_youtube

I post photo's frequently!
By frequently i mean about more than 1 a day.

Thank you all for reading another STV Blog.
Im looking forward to seeing you all on Instagram.

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